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All Campaigns

Protegido: Proyecto: Desarrollo rural y alivio de la pobreza

People: RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION │Rural population without opportunities. │POETA │1 Campaign │Andalucia, Colombia │FOLLOW

Protegido: Proyecto: Habilidades del siglo XXI para jóvenes vulnerables

People: 21ST CENTURY SKILLS FOR VULNERABLE YOUNG PEOPLE │Vulnerable young people who require out of poverty. │POETA │2 Campaign │Cali, Colombia │FOLLOW

Protegido: Proyecto: Derechos humanos para población indigente

People: HUMAN RIGHTS FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE │Help the homeless by offering them a breakfast and daily lunch. Homeless people always have rights. │Sergent Foundation │1 Campaign │Cali, Colombia │FOLLOW THIS PROJECT...

Protegido: Proyecto: Robótica | Innovación social

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